Krinfud Mondays: Truth

Hey there, truth-seekers! Welcome back to another edition of Krinfud Mondays, where ideas flow as freely as summer rain, and discussions get more heated. As Krinfud Mondays returns for its 2nd biweekly discussion The intellectuals started gathering up to take their seats with candlelights as our fellow Partner ELPA decided not to give us light. 

Last Monday’s topic, “Truth: Does it exist?” left our minds spinning faster than a hamster on a wheel. And guess what? The lively debate lasted for hours, and we emerged from it as parched as a desert cactus! Note to self: next time, bring a water cooler or two, so we don’t turn into human raisins!

Oh, and speaking of next time, get ready for our upcoming discussion on “Power.” We’re about to tackle one of humanity’s juiciest topics, which might make us even thirstier for answers. But fear not! Our thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and our minds are as resilient 

This week, our fearless discussion leader, Leaul Teferi (a.k.a. Daydreamz), took us on a rollercoaster ride through the elusive realm of “Truth.” Picture this: more than 20 participants squeezed into the Krinfud workspace, some sitting in uncomfortable positions, ready to tackle one of the biggest questions known to humanity: Does truth really exist, or is it just a mythical creature like unicorns or Santa Claus?

As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before chaos and laughter filled the air, along with a few cries of “I’m not sure my back will ever be the same again!” But hey, when you’re chasing truth, a little discomfort is a small price to pay!

The Discussion started off with a bang, as the room quickly divided into Unlimited amounts of Perspectives the most spoken perspectives being: “Subjective Truthers” and the “Objective Truthers.” The “Subjective Truthers” argued that truth is as fickle as a cat chasing a laser pointer, varying from person to person based on their perspectives and experiences. One person’s truth might be another person’s “alternative fact.”

On the other side, some firmly believed that there must be some universal, unchanging truth out there—like the North Star or Death —that remains unaffected by anyone’s opinions or feelings. But hold on, isn’t truth often confused with facts? A heated discussion unfolded as we tried to untangle the knotty relationship between truth and facts.

The debate delved into the depths of philosophy, science, and even a bit of conspiracy theory thrown in for good measure. Some claim that truth, like Bigfoot, remains elusive and is a mere construct of human perception. Meanwhile, others insisted that truth is grounded in solid facts, which are measured, calculated, and eagerly waiting to be disproved by a curious mind.

In the end, one thing was clear: there’s no shortage of perspectives when it comes to the truth! The room buzzed with excitement as minds clashed, arguments mingled, and ideas ricocheted like pinballs. We may not have discovered a definitive answer to the question, but the journey itself was worth it.

So, dear readers, if you find yourself pondering the existence of truth while you sip your morning coffee or try to decide what to eat for lunch, know that you’re not alone. The quest for truth is an adventure that transcends space and time, bringing together diverse minds in search of understanding.

Until next time, remember to embrace the discomfort, let your ideas fly like a flock of seagulls on a beach day, and join us again for another lively Krinfud Monday, where the fun never ends, and the discussions never grow stale!

And who knows, maybe someday we’ll stumble upon the elusive Universal Truth, right after we find Bigfoot and discover the recipe for the perfect Krinfud Tea. Until then, keep dreaming, keep discussing, and keep being the awesome truth-seekers you are! See you at the next Krinfud Monday!

Keep Krinfudding! 

Mekidm Dereje

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