Krinfud Mondays

Team spirit refers to when all the team members get along and feel a sense of belonging. This includes good, safe, and competent feelings towards their company. Every company has different ways of creating team spirit among employees. Most use field games, coffee times, meetings, and incentives. Of all the manners, sports are the most widely known and used. They are believed to bring out the competitive and cooperative sides of people due to their nature. But our company begs to differ. We believe we don’t need to be in the field to boost our creativity or bring out our competitive side because we have Krinfud Mondays. Krinfud Mondays is a platform where ideas flow freely, thoughts are unrestricted, conspiracies are born, and out-of-the-box thinking is motivated. It is where fantasies come to life and reality is questioned. It gives the young and creative minds a place where they can break free from the norms they are limited in. It speaks truth and lies in authenticity. What we have here is a promising change in the mindset of the young bright minds. It is a platform where one can speak reality out loud and find itself in a realm of others’ reality too.

Krinfud Mondays is prepared by the team of Krinfud digitals for the team of krinfud digitals. It was first created to promote our members’ public speaking and performing confidence. Our team is formulated of different artistic people and it was wise enough to find a way to integrate the talents of the members with their current workspace. We provide our team with a place where they can breathe their facts and engage in different discussions. This creates a great sense of cooperation and competition as everyone tries to prove their point and take part in supporting or arguing others’ stances. This has shown a lot of results in terms of building team spirit as all members engage in their work with the same energy they engage in these discussions. It has also let members get to know each other on a deeper mindful level.

Krinfud Mondays is prepared biweekly every Monday after work hours in our office. We bring out controversial topics related to marketing; for example, we have discussed topics like religion and marketing, music and marketing, photography and marketing, pyramid schemes, NFTs, social criticism and marketing…. These discussions not only create the team spirit but also because each topic is related to marketing it helps us to increase our knowledge which then helps us in our jobs. The topics are raised by the members and then will be chosen by a majority vote. Krinfud Mondays has been very exclusive, where only team members are invited but nowadays, other people are invited to join our discussions contingent on their relevance to the topic. It has helped us more than any sports game could and it has proven that the strongest similarity lies in our differences. We have the vision to make this platform bigger and more engaging for other people too. Because we want others to be part of this perspective-changing platform.

Krinfud Mondays has benefited us on a personal and group level. It has been our go-to for exchanging ideas and changing perspectives. This platform is much bigger than team building method. Now it is part of our life and career.

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