Psychedelics and their de-marketing

What do we know about psychedelics? That’s what we discussed in this episode of Krinfud Mondays. We shared our personal knowledge and experience in what psychedelics are and what their effect is. This episode was hosted by ZOIE, an inspirational team member. This topic has raised many sub-topics like drugs as a whole, addiction, what psychedelics are, and why psychedelics are de-marketed. Let us give you a glimpse of our discussion.

First, we must know what psychedelics are to proceed with their marketing. Psychedelics are a subclass of hallucinogenic drugs whose primary effect is to trigger non-ordinary states of consciousness (known as psychedelic experiences or “trips”). Psychedelic states are often compared to meditative, psychodynamic, or transcendental types of alterations of the mind. The “classical” psychedelics, the psychedelics with the largest scientific and cultural influence, are mescaline, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT.

Our discussion continues after ZOIE introduces the topic and the first question raised was how is the trip experience? And members in the meeting shared their part of the experience. “It was a mind-changing experience, it helps you detach from your ego self and that will change the way you see the world, the way you see yourself, and your insecurities wash away. It is like getting 20 years of experience in 15 minutes. It opens a dimension in your mind you never thought you had. It wakes up new neural connections that will elevate your perspective.” These experiences were the common ones mentioned by all of them but they also mentioned that the experiences differ from person to person.

After the experiences, the most common question was asked, are they addictive? The experienced members explained how psychedelics are not addictive and they don’t cause overdosing. This brought up a lot of arguments on how they are not addictive and how people won’t be addicted to the trips if they feel that good. At this point, everybody had their own opinions on the topic. As the debate continues, the experienced members answered the addiction questions as such: “… it is not addictive because the experience differs even within the person, you don’t get the same pleasure every time you trip. These drugs were generalized as addictive drugs in society so as to get them illegalized.” but most people had their doubts in believing they are not addictive because if they elevate your way of thinking and get you in another dimension then people would get back to them to get the same experience. It was at this time when we found out a new fact about psychedelics.

Psychedelics are drugs that depend on mental state. They work based on the initiative you took them for. Most experienced members gave this reason as to why they are not addictive. The trips are very different; if you have one bad trip it can scar you for life. This rarely happens when you take them while you are having bad intentions, a bad state of mind, emotion, or lifestyle. But mostly the good trips are prevalent.

So if they are this good then why were they de-marketed? The first reason that was raised for their demarketing was that they create a rebellion generation that will ask, that won’t fit in the system, that won’t fit in the herd mentality, and a generation that actually stands out. “This was how the ‘hippie’ movement was started,” said one of the members. It created a generation that outstood the system made by the elites. So it was de-marketed to be a very addictive and destructive drug.

The last question we discussed was if things change and they were marketed now positively, won’t people depend on them or abuse the drugs? As we have discussed so far, these drugs need initiatives to be taken. Nobody can take them and feel the epiphany most would. “They are not drugs that you can joke around with,” said one of our members. People used to use them for medical purposes and they are also somewhat used in modern medicine too. People microdose themselves with these drugs to stimulate consciousness and simplify creativity. So sufficient amount of awareness must be done for the people that are not familiar with these drugs. They need to understand the use of these drugs and how to proceed to take them.

This was on the latest episode of Krinfud Mondays. Even though ideas and explanations here don’t represent the company’s value, Krinfud Mondays is where the company members let their eager minds and personal thoughts exchange.

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